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About the Amare' Edition


Amare’ is a happy little fellow representing my forty-year journey in creating teddy bear collectibles. His name means love in Latin.

He is a 16-inch D’Bear with black mischievous black glass eyes set on white leather patches.

His fur is a German mill blend of color with both mohair and synthetic fiber, woven into a tan cotton fabric; difficult to work, but unique in appearance, and accented with tan ultra suede pads. The embroidered nose reflects the gold tones of the fur and he has five bolted discs joints connected to flexible Loc-lined arms and legs.

This is a signed, open-ended edition as I complete each Amare’.
I will close the edition at the end of my Anniversary year 12/2024.

Contact Bev to schedule your limited edition piece.


USD $750.00
Plus $30 shipping to USA addresses. International buyers will be billed additional shipping fees.

Buzz is a very proud bee keeper, so much so that he has begun to look

a little like his busy bees!


He is made from hand- dyed string mohair fabric is five-times bolt-jointed with Locline arms/ legs and he has black leather pads with toe strings.

He has mischievous black glass eyes with an embroidered nose and wears a cotton bee jumper with a stylish bee motif necklace.


In 1990 I made his bee skip from Sculpy clay, and it has managed to survive all these years!

Definitely a OOAK and on a stand.


USD $995.00
Plus $35 shipping to USA addresses. International buyers will be billed additional shipping fees.


The Lady's - each is made from a coat shown in the photo.

Lady 4

Lady is a bear with a memory, a gentle reminder of what is most important
for all humans … Love.

She is a special small edition made from a vintage faux-ermine coat, into distinctly different bears with pads made from the trim and belt.

14" tall bear and is softly stuffed with polyfiber. Five cotterpin joints.

Her brown eyes are 30 year-old and leather wrapped,

however she does have quite a new pearl-cotton nose and mouth.

Lady wears a namesake pearl necklace!

The hang tag carries a 1970’s picture of my Mom wearing the coat.

Bear 4 of a limited edition of 6


USD $325.00
USA and worldwide shipping included in the price.


Sweet Treat - #48



Thank you!


Sandy 3

This gritty pint-sized fellow is “SandyBear”.

Just 3.5 inches, he is one of my old ‘repurposed’ miniatures. 

Originally a stuffed and jointed fabric bear, he is reimagined here as a sand-sculpture with a shell nose, tiny glass eyes and permanently positioned, standing or sitting.

Comes with his own personal sand castle
and shell selection as seen in the picture, and a little to pile of sand to ‘play’ or display, as you like. I did! Have fun!

There are 6 in this numbered LE.

USD $129.00
Plus $17 shipping to USA addresses.
A PayPal request will be sent to International buyers
for additional postage.


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Return Policy If you are not completely happy with bear creations, please notified me within 24 hours of receiving
the bear.

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