“Yukie 1”

“YUKIE I” is made of dense, curly gold Schulte fabric with a set-in face of ivory mohair fabric, stands 17.5-inches tall in his “Sumo” costume. He is a tuffy, with five bolt/disc joints connected to lock-lined arms & legs for posing. His variegated pearl-cotton nose, black glass eyes, needle-sculpted, embossed leather pads add to his charm. This handsome boy is a numbered/limited edition of 5 for 2016. USD priced $795.00

“YUKIE II” 2017… LE 5 also made from a dense gold Schulte mohair fabric at 17.5 inches. There werer slight changes to the Sumo costume & he had a black embroidered nose to differentiate him from the first five in 2016. All pattern & construction detail remained the same. Sold out

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