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The Van Gogh Sunflowers Parody is a bouquet of 15 different mohair bear faces, with glass eyes and embroidered noses.  They are set into the flower centers of one of Van Gogh’s famous Sunflower pictures.  After completing an acrylic painted backdrop, silk flower petals were incorporated, before attaching the three dimensional fabric faces, set at the various angles of the underlying flowers.

On Growing Flower Faces_28.JPG (590180 bytes) One Flower.jpg (473202 bytes) SunFlower Face_18.JPG (350355 bytes) 

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The Van Gogh Sunflowers Parody is in order below to show the progression in creating it. The finished "painting" is 26 X 32 and is on Display at the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum in Korea.


  1 Preparing Canvas.jpg (155341 bytes) 2 Daisies_25.jpg (230328 bytes) 2 Deciding  Face Size & Directions.jpg (149772 bytes) 3 Bearface Positioning.jpg (161721 bytes)
4 Enlarging Canvas.jpg (278160 bytes) 5 Backdrop Ready.jpg (330259 bytes)


The finished "painting",  26 X 32 inches was commissioned by and is on display at the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum in Korea, and took several months to complete.