Rockin' Robert
by Bev White

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 Rocking Horse Gallery 2007 Festival Exclusive Edition 


 This fifteen-inch mohair bear with leather pads, is fully bolt & disc jointed with lockline arms and legs. He gazes through beautiful Austrian glass eyes, and wears cotton, wool and leather clothing, accented by brass buttons, stars and a leather sheathed, cast-bronze sword by Heritage Metalworks.  As always, Robert carries his pair of leather riding 'mitts' and wears a wool felt hat as he rides he trusted steed, Traveler. The rocking horse is hand-carved by artisan Gerald Smith and rustically painted by Bev to compliment the Robert E. Lee Portrait Bear.

All pieces signed & numbered, are also identified with a unique cerificate.

Reserve thorugh the Rocking Horse Gallery, April 20-22 2007 in Fredricksburg, VA at $895.00

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