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Rag Tag

christmas Annual for the year 2000

yes, a few are still available, but hurry!

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The fifth and last of the Olde Tymes 2000 Collection, RAG-TAG is also my 12TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS EDITION for this year. His character was inspired by a tender story about a forgotten and forlorn old bear who lead a pitiful existence until he was rediscovered and given a new life. RAG-TAG's love-worn countenance and gentle face is intended to evoke fond memories of our childhood and the unforgotten friends from Christmases past. He is made of flax colored German mohair fabric with "moth-munched" felt paw pads. He is fully cotter-pin jointed, excelsior stuffed, has glass eyes and a growler,. Poor RAG-TAG has been poked, prodded, pulled, patched, stained, torn and re-sewn, but his heart remains steadfast and true, communicating his consummate message:
"I Love You...always."
Limited Edition 50 at $300.00 each
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Not recommended for children