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"MISSING" is a 20-inch one-of-a-kind Auction Piece created for The International Teddy Bear Relief Fund auction to be held at Expo in August 2005.For more information about bears & bidding
It was so difficult to witness the despair and pain on the faces of the people affected by the tsunami of 2004.

One brief image of that awful catastrophe remained imprinted in my mind and on my heart. "Missing" represents not only the haunting face of that little lost boy seen by all the world that day, but to me he also represents the enormous human loss, the many who will be forever missing.

On rare occassions, it is difficult for me to part with a bear that I have made. "Missing" is one of them.
Bev White

Missing is a 20" classic-style bear made of unique mohair fabric. His blue eyes compliment his entire composition, and are the window to his soul?

He is filled with polyfiberfil and polyester pellets, and has leather pads.

I have made the quilt that comforts him from old used Indonesian fabric.

He has a large growler, seated in his head to give him 'voice'.

One of a kind, completed 5/5/05
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