by Bev White

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"Ishkabibble" is the first of four unique mohair bears.  His funny name, appropriately enough, means "a mixed up mess".  

This big guy is hand-dyed to a cinnamon brown color and stands 31 inches tall.  He has 18mm black glass eyes, five huge disc/bolt  joints with lockline in the limbs, and a big German-made growler in his tummy. 

The foot pads are cut from a leather patched coat dating back to the sixties. His somewhat shaggy coat is made from a very old, and  well worn, blanket/quilt that was carefully sewn from a variety of wool upholstery and suiting patches long ago. Mismatched silk ties and  suspendered wool shorts add to his character and will vary. 

As you can seen, each will be a handsome and unique one of a kind fellow.    Price $950.00  LE - SOLD OUT.

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