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Gollys and Miss Mollys
Individually or coordinated, this dancin' duo aims to please! They are equally unique, as inseparable pairs like "Rasta Golly & His Molly" and "Mardigras Golly & His Molly", or as singular, one-offs. Occasionally I spin off these 24" loc-lined black dolls into special editions of 5 or 10 pieces.
Molly is 18" tall and poses with the help of flexlimb attached to her joints. She is made of mohair and suede leather with lidded glass eyes, and she wears a jumper.
Gollys long, loc-lined arms and legs give him incredible posing possibilities. He is made of heavy cotton fabric with a mohair wig, glass eyes and a perpetual painted smile. I use cotton, wool, leather, and velvet in his five-piece coordinated suits. Separately or in pairs, they may be customized just for you. Golly- $450.00 Molly -$350.00
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