The EPCOT Years at WDW Doll & Bear Conventions,
 When “Duffy” was unknown and unnamed in the US.


EPCOT Doll and Bear Convention Auction Pieces and Limited Artist Mohair Editions
by Bev White/Happy Tymes® Collectibles


 2008 Latte



2007 Sorcerers Apprentice

 2007 Teddy Sorcery LE 15

2007 Magic I , OOAK


2007 Magic II, OOAK


2008 Auction Piece, “Celebrate 20 Years”  (10 “ Duffy)

2008 Mr. Magic LE 20


Happy Tymes artist mohair Christmas Editions (without logos)

2008 Aurora L/E 15

2009 Bo Ltd Ed

2010 Bo LE 15

See Artist Made Bear Gallery for more recent editions and one of a kinds created by Bev!
Proposed for 2009 projects for EPCOT

2009  Proposed Black Magic LE 25 (mohair edition never done)

“Walter” OOAK for GBW

Charity Auction for 2012

2009 Samples for these three proposed  (manufactured editions never done)
Following are Manufactured editions for the EPCOT Bear and Doll Conventions:

2008 EPCOT LE. 270

2008 “Cookie” EPCOT LE 300

2007 LE 270


2006 Prototype

2006 LE 300 Kit

2005  Convention

2006 convention

Teddies To Go Cookie @ Christmas Around the World @ EPCOT 11/2008


A Little Background:

  I still use my pattern, that I created in 2005 when I began making the D-Bears for the Disney Conventions as special editions or OOAK,s. You may recognized a few of them..

 Aurora was intended to be a Disney Edition in 2009 as were Walter, and the three manufactured plush editions.

 I was testing the different mohair fabric finishes for the black and white bears which were prototypes for Disney in 2009, when we parted ways. Only two were completely finished as their samples in the Sorcerer costume. My artist bears, made from this pattern are still desirable, so I have used one of the and 2012 is the year.

 The “Teddies To Go ‘D-Bears”, that I had produced in 2005 to 2008, are now called Pre Duffy Collectibles and are selling from $1250. to $1500.on EBAY at the moment.  I’ve been told that some have gone higher. .

 Many collectors were disappointed to see the Disney conventions come to an end after they celebrated their 20th year in May 2008.  Time changes everything!!

 Bear Hugs & Happy Tymes! …Bev

See Artist Made Bear Gallery for more recent editions and one of a kinds created by Bev!