Christmas Designs
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The Emilie bear sold for $4000.00 at the silent auction following the Fantasy Runway Event at the 2008 IDEX show . She was the only teddy bear entry among an exclusive, all doll line-up, and took the second highest bid of the evening.  Altogether, the auction raised over $22000.00 for the Save The Children Foundation.

Emilie, a very model-like 23-inch fully articulated bear, was made from the same mohair fabric as the bear in The Kiss picture. Her distinctive painted dress, flowery coiffure, golden jewelry and purse, along with the dainty flowers painted on her foot-pads, mimicked the bear in the picture parody.  A similar human-sized ensemble was made for the model to wear and she looked stunning.


The dresses for the bear and the model, the jewelry and shoulder bags were all made from the same canvas cloth, using the same acrylic paints and colors.  All pieces were  finished with an acrylic protective spray like the  stretched canvas picture.


Recognizing that the project would be left unfinished without its male counterpart, "Gus" the bear was also created from apiece of  remaining mohair fabric, and a hand-painted robe similar to the male figure in The Kiss picture was made for him.  He sold separately at the IDEX show.  In total, it was a long and interesting project that offered many unique challenges and gave me an opportunity to merge my love of creating bears with designing clothing and painting artwork.