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"The Sorcerer's New Apprentice"

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Some things never change!  Mickey has found new help to carry those water buckets to the well.  This time, the Disney Bear gets a taste of Mickey's Magic.  He doesn't look too happy about his new job description and may just revolt.  "Where is that Tinkerbell when you need her?"  The story of the Disney Bear with my illustrations, will accompany this piece.

Mickey is a wonderful 25-inch sculpture, head to toe.  He is made of mohair and wool fabrics with fat leather shoes and applied eyes.  Dressed in satin tailored clothing, he is fully disc-jointed, with lockline armature that allows him to pose and hold his "crystal" ball.  The 22-inch Disney Bear is also made of mohair, and constructed like Mickey, with his silhouette painted on the leather footpads. The walking broom has been constructed with moveable arms, made from my ancient wisteria vine!  Whatever works!!


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