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2006 Disney Auction Piece
Captain Hook looks like a pirate with a grudge. Arrrgh! He may have been clever enough to captured Tink, but Peter Pan stands ready for the rescue.

The un-bearable Captain stands 24 inches tall and is made of curly, matted and distressed German mohair fabric, and his curly black locks are of synthetic mohair. Five bolt and locknut joints, plus lockline armature give him maximum agility to duel-it-out with Pan. To complete his detailed wool and linen outfit, the infamous hook and sword have been hand-forged and signed by master blacksmith Devon Campbell.

Pan, the bear who will never grown up is 16 inches and made of gold distressed mohair. He also lockline armature with five cotter joints for posing. His bright green eyes accent his green wool and leather clothing, with a little wooden sword at the ready, in his belt.

Poor Tink is trapped in Hook's lantern but not for long. This 7-inch winged, sprite will take flight the minute she is free.
Made of pixie sized mohair, she is fully cotterpin jointed and has wired arms and legs to bend and pose.