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2005 Walt Disney World Teddy Bear
And Doll Weekend March 18-20
One-of-a-Kind Auction Piece

My Geppetto and Pinocchio are depicted just as the Blue Fairy has released the puppet's strings. However, Pinocchio must prove his brave and good heart before becoming a real bear....ah, boy! No, in this case it is a bear, and so is his father, Geppetto. Both are original patterns, and are made of fine German mohair fabric with leather paw pads. Both have glass eyes, and are stuffed with poly filberfil. Both differ greatly in their patterning and construction.

GEPPETTO is 22 inches tall, has bolt / disc joints with lockline arms and legs and a growler, in his head. His woven mustashe & eyebrows set off his bright, lidded eyes & antique glasses. Dressed in all wool, cotton, leather clothing, he is a little amazed, as he holds the puppet strings in his mitten-like, bendable hands. My bears don't like to wear shoes but I told him this time, it was very necessary!

PINOCCHIO is a 13" puppet-like bear, with 5 double cotterpin / disc joints, which make him very floppy. Additionally, tiny glass beads in his arms and legs give him added weight. He wears woolen clothing, preferring to hold the infamous growing nose, rather than wear it on his lovely little bear nose! That, would be too em-bear-assing! He sits in his little wooden chair made for him by his father.

This edition of 25 bears is 13 inches and is similar in construction to the auction piece. The fur will differ slightly in color. He will be holding his "I told a lie" tie-on nose which will be cut from our grape vines. Each will be a little bit different. Chair not included. Price-$300.00