Creating "O'Bear" in Pennsylvania

It all started with a trip to Germany to select many meters of mohair fabric:

AtriptoSchulte5.JPG (1856528 bytes) AtriptoSchulte8.jpg (1274980 bytes)

Work begins in my home studio:
O'Bear92910005.jpg (50149 bytes) O'Bear92910006.jpg (104144 bytes) O'Bear92910008.jpg (110565 bytes) O'Bear92910009.jpg (115738 bytes)

The face materializes and he shapes up:
O'Bear92910040.jpg (67145 bytes) O'Bear92910043.jpg (110273 bytes) O'Bear92910051.jpg (94814 bytes) O'Bear92910045.jpg (72396 bytes)

One big bear and alot of stuffing:

O'Bear92910055.jpg (54890 bytes) O'Bear92910054.jpg (99896 bytes) O'Bear92910057.jpg (116780 bytes)

Final alterations underway...the perfect tie surprise:
OBear2oct2010007.jpg (78011 bytes)OBear2oct2010008.jpg (64294 bytes) OBearshpday002.jpg (69341 bytes) OBearshpday004.jpg (72759 bytes)

..until I see him again on the island:
OBearshpday005.jpg (72654 bytes)


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