"Pink BaBa D'Bear" by Bev White


A unique 16-inch ‘tie-dyed’ mohair fabric bear contrasting white  face. The lovely colorful fabric was hand-dyed by UK artist Barbara Ann Cunningham, stitched with the help of my expert seamstress Barbara Anne Smith, and finally created by me, Beverly Anne White.    Thus the name, “BA-BA D’Bear.  Painted pink glass eyes, a multicolored pearl cotton nose with face detail and embossed leather footpads with sculpted toes compliment the colors of the fabric.  My D’Bears are stuffed with polyfiberfil plus batting and constructed with five bolt-disc joints , attached to LocLine armature. An extraordinary one-of-a-kind teddy bear.



Call Bev (610) 873-0407 or the Gallery (540) 371-1894 for more information.