Happy Tymes Collectibles
25th Anniversary
1984 - 2009
Celebrating this hallmark year I've created a special edition!

Ann.OldTed 12 04  &13.jpg (251530 bytes)

Ltd. Ed. 25, for tewnty-five years. Ted is a 12" excelsior stuffed traditional, center seam bear, made of a variety of Schulte mohair fabrics and distressed to appear a little worn for his years.  Footpads are layered merino felt with red wear spots and he is fully cotterpin jointed with bright glass eyes, that also vary in color. He wears scruffy shorts made of the patch-scrap, leftovers form Ishkabibbles wonderful coats.

 Call or email for availability... $199 (pictured # 4, 12 & 13)

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